Conventional travel RV is a multi-functional type, can be used for travel, office working, and transportation.
1Outer dimension(mm)8500*2500*2750
2Inner dimension(mm)8138*2427*2400
3Axle quantity2
5Minimum turning diameter(m)≧13
6Gross vehicle weight(kg)1840
8BrakeElectromagnetic brake + Inertia braking
With the conventional travel RV, you can enjoy the comfort of home wherever you go. The RV is fully equipped with washing room (including shower and dressing table), TV, refrigerator, air conditioner, single and double bed, sofa, tea table, desk, drawer and other living facilities. You will have a comfortable living and working environment.

We are a manufacturer specialized on RV, we have kinds of towable RV and motorized RV. We will produce the RV strictly according to customer’s requests.
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