Automotive Part Prototyping with Expoxy Tooling Board
Expoxy Tooling board, this material is very good in its toughness, environmental protection, hardness, size stability, high-low temperature tolerance, physical properties such as compressive strength, bending strength, it is ideal material for fabrication in rapid prototype projects.
We are good supporting these industries like automobiles, high-speed rail, shipbuilding, aviation, ceramics, foundry industry and daily necessities manufacturing and related industries checking fixtures, mold, wind power and yacht.
1. Easy workability 鈥?High dimensional stability
2. Cost effective 鈥?Good compressive strength
3. High Temperature and chemical resistance 鈥?Large sheet sizes available
4. Smooth surface finish 鈥?Low coefficient of thermal expansion
1. Design studies
2. CNC program proving/testing.
3. Building Landscapes/Features in architectural and scenario models
4. Forming a mould tool for prototyping short runs of composite parts.
5. Use for jigs, fixtures, foundry patterns, vacuum cast silicon molds and all kinds of simple models.China True Scale Automotive Prototyping suppliers

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