Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer
One-click conversion of body temperature/ object temperature, Continuous temperature measurement, Quick temperature measurement without waiting, 0.5S response.
Product Parameters
Product size: 101mm * 40mm * 143mm
Power supply voltage: DC3V (two AAA alkaline batteries)
Measurement range: 32 掳 C ~ 42.9 掳 C (89.6 掳 F ~ 109.2 掳 F)
Measurement accuracy: Within (35-42) 掳 C + -0.2 掳 C / 0.4 掳 F
Display resolution: 0.1 鈩?/ 0.1 鈩?/p>
Automatic shutdown: Automatic shutdown without any operation within 30s
Battery Tips: Low Battery Tips
weight: 120g + -3g
Display unit: Celsius (掳 C) / Fahrenheit (掳 F)
Simple two-step fast measurement
Step 1: Power on the button
Step 2: Align the forehead with the button to measure
1. Press start button,The LCD screen will light up to show the last measurement data.
2. Measure at the forehead. Align the LED aperture with the center of the forehead and keep a distance of 3-5cm.Customized Temperature Measurement

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