Polyurea elastomer coating can be used for a long time at - 45 to 120 degrees Celsius, with heat resistance of 160 degrees Celsius (can withstand short time thermal shock of 160 degrees Celsius).excellent water permeability, seamless, tough, compact tissue, strong bonding, real "skin" waterproof. Polyurea can be used for water proofing on the water front and back.Weatherability and aging resistance. Although aromatic polyurea has yellowing phenomenon under ultraviolet erosion, it has no pulverization and cracking, and can withstand freeze-thaw, long-term use, cold and heat shock and alternating impact of wind, rain, frost and snow.good anti-corrosion function. Polyurea can resist the long-term immersion of acid, seawater, salt, alkali and chloride ions in most corrosive media.
excellent physical properties. Polyurea has remarkable tear strength, bonding strength, tensile strength, impact strength, piercing resistance, elongation, wear resistance, roll compaction resistance, crack resistance and wet slip resistance, and has excellent cracking resistance, cracking protection of concrete and reinforcement of weak concrete structures.
◎Physical Properties
Gel Time /s20
Tensile Strength /MPa>10
Tear Strength (N/mm)>60
Abrasion Resistance /(GB/T 1689-1998, cm3/1.61km, mg)≤0.25
Tack free /s300
Shore Hardness /A>70
Impact Strength /( Kg.cm)50Polyurea For Plastic Industry

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