Basic information:
Sodium polyacrylate is a water soluble resin with a molecular weight of millions. It exists in white crystal powder or colorless viscous liquid. It is weakly alkaline, ionizable, and corrosive. When PH = 4, it is easy to gel; when PH = 2.5, it is almost dissolved. It is easily soluble in aqueous sodium hydroxide solution, but precipitates in calcium hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide and other aqueous solutions and is non-toxic.
The properties and uses also differ significantly with different molecular weights.
Alias: PAANa
CAS: 9003-04-7; EINECS: 999-999-2
Molecular Formula: -[锛岰H2锛岰H(COONa)-]-m
Density: 1.32 g/ml
1. Used as pharmaceutical excipient, always as binder, thickener or emulsifying and dispersing agent.
2. Used as a feed additive, both as a pellet feed binder and to protect animal gastric mucosa.
3. Used for thickening and stabilizing food and keeping fresh. The maximum dosage is 0.2%
4. Low molecular weight PAANa (500~15000) has good dispersion, always used as corrosion and scale inhibitor, water quality stabilizer, coating thickener and water retention agent, flocculant, drilling mud treatment agent.
5. Medium molecular weight PAANa (100,000~600,000) has good adhesion, water retention and thickening effect.
6. High molecular weight PAANa (>3,000,000) is perfect settling accelerator.
7. Ice coating additives, Auxiliaries for phosphorus-free detergents...
ItemsMedicine grade
AppearanceWhite crystal powder
Sulphate (SO4)鈮?.0049%
Loss on drying鈮?0%
Ignition residue鈮?6%
Total heavy metal(Pb)鈮?.002%
Packing details: 20kg/drumMacromolecular Material suppliers

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