Handle mould for electric drilling
This is the handle mould. This is a set of small precision mould.
Plastic material: PA66 + 35% GF
The rib of the product is small(only 0.8mm)and deep, It is easy to trap air. It is necessary to add venting inserts at the bottom of the rib. The first mold trial to see the results and assembly, the second mold trial to see the surface finish with texture VDI 30.
Jiemei Mold Co., LTD. was established in 2006 and specializes in mold making and molding injection. Due to the good faith management, JieMei has been cooperating with customers for many years to steadily develop and expand the production scale.
We are committed to the development of plastic mold, processing various plastic products.The product involves automotive door side panel , air intake pipe mould, Cordless electric drill handle mould.
JieMei is equiped with 3 spotting machines and the max. Clamping force is 500T.There are 89 precision processing machines, has an efficient management system. Our team is stable, many workers have been in JieMei more than 10 years, which guarantee the stable quality.
The defects for injection parts
It can be easily seen the "air trap" of the transparent part, but can also be found in the opaque plastic. This is related to thickness and is often caused by shrinkage of the plastic away from the center of the injection.
Possible reason of the problem
路 The mold is not fully filled.
路 Abnormal operation of stop valve.
路 The plastic material did not dry completely.
路 The inject speed is too fast.
路 Some special materials are produced with special equipment.
路 Increase the amount of injection.
路 Increase injection pressure.
路 Increase the time of screw forward time.
路 Lower the melting temperature.
路 Reduce or increase injection speed.(for example, for amorphous plastics, an increase of 45%).
路 Check that the check valve is broken or not operating.
路 The drying conditions should be improved according to the characteristics of the plastic, so that the plastic completely dry.
路 Appropriately reduce the screw speed and increase the back pressure, or reduce the injection speed.
Respected customers, if you have any problems and requirements in mold, please contact us. We have a professional team to have in-depth communication with you, to provide you with precision mold services.China Auto Window & Door System Mould suppliers

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