Ar Kids Painting
NameAr Kids Painting
TypeChildren Painting
Warranty1 Year
CertificateCE Certificate
Ar Kids Painting
There is no necessary for you to look forward to the fishes in the sea or longing the mystery of the sea. Come on boys and girls! Let鈥檚 join in the 鈥淢agic Sea!鈥滺ere you are the king of the sea cause you can create different kinds of fishes whatever you have seen it or not. No matter how exaggerate your fishes are, you just need to draw it down on the drawing paper and through scanning then the fished you create will appear on the screen swimming happily.
Let's Playing Ar Kids Painting:
1. Painted fish: Children can choose the fish they like in the album, and change the color of the fish through different painting tools and colors, making it becomes a unique fish.
2. Released fish: After completion, the painted fish was released from the drawing board into the 3D fish pond. At this time, the fish was given a new life and began to swim freely in the large screen of the ocean.
3. Interactive painting fish: Then start Play Time! If you want your fish to grow up quickly, children must fight for food in the ocean by turning the joystick to control the direction.If it eats the right food, the fish will grow up quickly, and if it eats the wrong food, the fish will be poisoned. After poisoning, you must bring your own fish to find medicines in the ocean which can cure your fish.By the way, continuous crazy tapping of the accelerator button can also accelerate the swimming of fish to compete for food and medicine.
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