Thermal energy (such as hot water, low pressure steam or heat transfer oil) is introduced into the closed interlayer, and heat is transferred to the dried material through the inner casing. Under the power drive, the tank rotates slowly, and the material in the tank is continuously mixed to achieve the purpose of strengthening drying.
The material is in a vacuum state, and the vapor pressure is lowered to make the water (solvent) on the surface of the material reach a saturated state and evaporate, and is discharged and recovered by a vacuum pump in time. The water (solvent) inside the material continuously penetrates, evaporates and discharges to the surface. The three processes are continuously carried out, and the material reaches the drying purpose in a short time.
★ The container rotates continuously and the heating surface of the material is updated;
★ Indirect heating, will not be polluted, in line with the "GMP" requirements:
★ High thermal efficiency, more than 2 times higher than the average oven;
★ The rotation speed of the container can be adjusted within the range of 3-13 rpm:
★ The temperature control temperature is displayed by the digital display.
★ The temperature can be adjusted between 30-160 degrees, and the temperature difference is less than 2 degrees.

Scope of application
※ This equipment is mainly used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries to dry the following materials;
※ Recovery of residual volatile materials;
※ Recycling the material of steam discharged during drying;
※ Strongly irritating and toxic materials;
※ Can not withstand high temperature materials;
※ Materials that are easily oxidized;
※ Materials that are not allowed to be destroyed by crystals.China Mixing And Filtering Equipment

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