Available products:
Rosemary Extract Powder, 10~90% Carnosic acid, oil soluble
Rosemary Extract Powder, 5~90% Rosmarinic acid, water soluble
Rosemary Extract Powder, 25~90% Ursolic acid, oil soluble
Rosemary Leaf health benefits:
Carnosic acid:
Cognition support: promote nerve growth factor, improve memory and relief Alzheimer syndrome
Liver protection: cirrhosis inhibition
Anti-diabetic and metabolism syndrome relief
Antiviral and anti-inflammatory
Rosmarinic acid
Gout and arthrolithiasis relief: competitive inhibition to xanthine and xanthine oxidase, therefore reduce uric acid
Anti-inflammatory and immunity support
Antibacterial and antiviral
Cardiovascular health: anti-angiogenesis, platelet aggregation inhibitory
Antitumor: tumor cell growth inhibition and apoptosis
Ursolic acid
Muscle strengthen: prevent muscle atrophy, promoting muscle growth
Help loss weight
Hypolipidemic and antiatherogenic
Liver protection: hepatocyte viability enhancement, anticholestasis
100% natural antioxidant/preservative used in meat products, edible oil, food, aquiculture, cosmetic, personal care products, etc.
Quality control: IdentiPureTM
IdentiPureTM is neither a high-technology nor a fashion, it鈥檚 the honest to nature. As a professional manufacturer of genuine herbs and botanical extracts, we adopt and report a comprehensive science based identification to the products we offer...
10% Rosmarinic acid Specification Data for reference: Customized specification available.
ItemsSpecificationTest method
Organoleptic:Fine light brown to brown powder with characteristic taste and odourOrganoleptic evaluation
Identification:Positive by TLCTLC
Loss on drying:10%(w/w)HPLC
Arsenic (As):

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