3layer structure, high quality non-woven fabric, melt blown fabric.
With high efficiency filter material, the filtering effect is excellent, healthier and safer.
Three dimensional fold, good air permeability, smooth breathing.
The ear band is made of high-quality spandex, soft and elastic; the welding spot is located on the surface of the mask to prevent skin irritation.
Nose clip design, can be fixed, adjustable, make the face more fit, suitable for all kinds of face types.
Ultrasonic heat sealing makes the product more beautiful and practical.
Products Details
Name: 3ply Mask for Personal Use
Material: Non-woven Fabric, melt-blown woven
Weight: 2.5g / Mask
Color: Light Blue
Size: 17.5X9.5X0.2 cm
Package: 50pc/pack , 2000pc/box
Item Details
Good ventilation and can filter toxic particles
Preserves heat and is waterproof
Soft texture and comfortable wear
FunctionsCustom Face Mask

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