2000lbs Round Sidewind 10鈥?Travel Weld-on Snap Ring Swivel Jack 鈥?Black powder coating
鈼廘ift capacity:2000 lbs
鈼廠idewind handle
鈼廎ixed curved Foot
鈼廠wivel Jack 鈥?Single Pull Pin
鈼?0 Inch Lift
鈼廔nclude welding plate
Trailer Jack - TJB2001SB
This type jack is mainly used in agricultural equipment or trailers; the highlight of the design is that the mounting bracket can rotate 90 degree and held in place by welding-on. The mounting bracket has flanged and can only be connected to square pipes. Mounting bracket heights range from 10.5 "to 20.5".The body height of the jack is between 16.95 "and 26.95". Total 10鈥?Travel for use.
鈼廐igh quality steel material provides higher performance
鈼廠pring-loaded locking pin is very convenient to operate, pulling up and down to complete the operation process.
鈼廜ur spring 鈥搇oaded locking pin is 1/2 " diameter, which is larger than other manufacturers
鈼廜ur mounting bracket is reinforced in order to provide more strength
鈼廈lack powder coating of Outer tube, zinc of inner tube, foot and handle kits
鈼廎oot size is reasonable, which is not easy to sink in the sand
鈼廡here are corrosion resistant nozzles on the outer tube, which can be filled with lubricating oil as required
鈼廤eld-on mounting bracket included
鈼廙ounting height (from bottom of foot to center of mounting plate):
o10.50" Retracted
o20.50" Extended
鈼廡ravel: 10"
鈼廜uter tube dia.: 2-1/4"
鈼廔nner tube dia.: 2"
鈼廎ootplate dimensions: 7-1/2" long x 3-3/4" wide
鈼廙ounting bracket dimensions: 5" x 4-1/4"
鈼廐andle radius: 6-1/2"
鈼廘ift capacity: 2,000 lbsTrailer Jacks in stock

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