▲ Our History
Shanghai Ailuo Trading Company was established in 2018 and is a specialized cross-stitch enterprise specializing in cross-stitch design, production and marketing. There is a garden-style standard factory building and logistics storage center. The quality of products conforms to industry standards and international standards. The products sell well throughout the country and are exported overseas.
With the long-term goal of "establishing the Ailuo 100-year brand" as its long-term goal, enterprises, businesses, and consumers will pursue the goal of winning three wins, and "high-quality environmental protection" will be the environmental management policy. The launch of the Ailuo brand leads the high-end market development direction of cross-stitch in China.
The company has long maintained a good cooperative relationship with Japanese and Korean cross-stitch professional institutions, and is in the leading domestic design capacity in the cross-stitch industry. China has taken the lead in setting up a cross-stitch product design center in the industry, allocating millions of special funds each year for the design of new products and the application of new materials, so as to ensure the strong design ability and the deep excavation ability of cultural connotation of the Ailuo Cross Embroidery. The noble treasures of the former European nobles have become the DIY leisure products of today's consumers and are deeply loved by consumers.
The company advocates the corporate spirit of "innovating and developing tree brands and sharing values into the future", fully introduces the management concepts of famous management consulting organizations, and cooperates with professional brand design institutions to carry out a comprehensive image integration design of Ailuo. It has raised the image of Ailuo brand to a brand new height and established the image of the first brand of Chinese cross-stitch!
Today's Ailuo, with a strong brand advantage to become the leader of the Chinese cross-stitch industry brand, will surely create a brilliant tomorrow.
▲ Our Factory
Ailuo Trading Co., Ltd.Founded in 1995 located in the world's small commodity capital - Yiwu, China. It is a enterprise specializing in the design, production and marketing of DIY hand-made products.
The predecessor of Ailuo Trading Co., Ltd. is the Jin Xin line factory established in 1995, specializing in the production of high quality handmade embroidery thread, after more than 20 years of innovation and development.
At present, the company has more than 300 employees, highly educated, professional design and management personnel team.
More than 22000 square meters of garden modern production plant and intelligent warehouse.
In 2012, the company spent 36 million, with the introduction of an international advanced level of imported digital tracking printing technology, closely cooperated with Honghua Digital, self-development, break through industry problems, 100% precision printing and dyeing, creates a new era in the industry!
In the same year, the company invested heavily in the introduction of high-temperature thermal sublimation hair color equipment, high production efficiency, energy-saving and environmental protection, deep hair color, full and delicate color, never fade.
In 2013, 8 million US dollars were spent on importing advanced UK branch knotting equipment, greatly improving production efficiency, while resolving the color difference between the board and the package, and how many shears to use, convenient and fast.
In 2015, meanwhile the magic velvet cloth and top drilling technology success to research and development , CHERISH Arts & Crafts Co., LTD. once more spent a huge sum of money to introduce a leading industry level of intelligent Sub-drilling equipment, which is accurate sub-drilling, easy to use.
Modern professional equipment, innovation of traditional technology
Ailuo Trading Co., Ltd. is committed to the design and production of DIY hand-made products, owns the most professional and most innovative DIY design team in China -- AH International Design Institute.
Good long-term relations of cooperation with Japan, South Korea DIY products professional institutions maintained, in the DIY hand industry design capabilities is occupying the leading domestic level.
Every year, millions of special funds are allocated to the design of new products and the application of new materials, to ensure that CHERISH company for super design ability and deep mining capacity of the cultural connotation
The handmade treasures makes DIY casual products that can be easily and easily completed by ordinary consumers to be that need to master professional skills and consumed long time and effort in the past.
I like it. I do it by myself.
In the leisure time, put down the cell phone, away from the noisy and impetuous...Enjoy the indifference of handcraft art to us. Quietly feel the different sense of accomplishment...
Clouds and stars, the youth left ,...
The company has three brands: Ai Luo, Ai YouWei, and CHERISH.
Cross stitch, diamond painting, patchwork embroidery and other large series of products occupy the leading position in the industry and market.
"With innovation and development to establish brand, with value to share the future"Through direct, joint venture, franchise and other cooperation models, the company now has more than 2000 brand stores in Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an, Kunming and other provinces and regions throughout the country, well-known wholesale markets, malls, pedestrian streets.
The long-term goal of the enterprise is to "establish a Ailuo ’s brand for hundred years" and the aim is to pursue win-win situation among enterprises, businesses and consumers. The enterprise is concerted to make efforts to cooperate and share win-win situation with all.
Today's Ailuo , with strong brand advantage, has become the leader of China's DIY industry, leads the market development direction of China's DIY industry, will create brilliant tomorrow.
Our Product
Chinese Style, Love Series, Animal Series, Landscape Series, Flower and Grass Series, Cartoon Series, Character Series, Fruit Series, Religious Series, Red Cloth Series, Baby Series, Diamond Painting
Product Application
Interior Decoration, Car pendant, Love symbol, Wedding gifts&Birthday gifts.
▲ Our Certificate
Innovative R&D Ability "First",Design Development Force "First",Brand influence "first","First" of Enterprise Leadership.
▲ Production Equipment
Framed desktop corner machine, UV Printers, Flower machine flower prototype& Carving machine.
▲ Production Market
Regional markets:Southeast Asian countries
▲ Our Service
Pre-sale Services:
A. Enterprise strengths:
Ailuo company honorary production, domestic development history ten years; The production scale is leading internationally and the production management level is first-class;
The design and development team is perfect, and the speed of creation and innovation is advanced; Market management is strictly standardized, and manufacturers 'win-win ability is enhanced;
B. Product Advantages:
Embroidery wire, using a new generation of "precision spinning" technology, "100 % ecological cotton thread", full color, bright and soft, continuous line, no hair, 100 % water temperature test does not fade;
Embroidered cloth, free of pure cotton embroidered cloth, really bid farewell to the era of painting, low-carbon, accurate and efficient.
Embroidery, using the AHL international top design agency's drawings, to ensure that the drawing is accurate, clear, no confusion needle map, Humanized icon magnification and folding design, easy to see, easy to embroidery, easy to preserve.
2 Series 1 series of technical breakthroughs: the accurate printing of patterns on the printing cloth, bringing huge business opportunities and brand competitiveness.
C. Cost-effectiveness advantages:
The most cost-effective product in China.
The production scale is leading internationally and the production management level is first-class;
D. Management advantages:
Production management, adopt the leading international production management model and quality inspection standards to ensure quality stability.
Area management, there are strict regional management and price management systems and measures, there will be no phenomenon of tandem goods, to ensure profit space.
Brand promotion, regular brand promotion activities
Services on Sale:
Ailuo will serve the purpose of "customers are God." Enthusiastic for the customer introduction, display of Ailuo cross embroidery, customers to provide Ailuo cross embroidery decoration location, decoration style. Ailuo wants customers to think, to provide it with the best value for money products.
Timely resolve customers in the purchase of products generated doubts, worries. To reach a tacit understanding with customers, mutual trust is a particularly important part of Errol's service.
After Sales Service:
Errol believes that after-sales service is a kind of responsibility to customers. This responsibility is that customers can have a better understanding and awareness of Ailuo.
First of all, Ailuo implements "three packages of services" for the product, including repair, replacement, and return. Handle customer letters, consultation, collect valuable suggestions and opinions from customers on all aspects of the product, and make timely improvement.
Secondly, after the sale of Ailuo, we will uphold seven points. We will have more patience, a better attitude, a faster move, a more appropriate language, more compensation, a higher level, and more methods.
Finally, problems are encountered, problems are identified, problems are analyzed, mutual consultations are held, treatment plans are handled and implemented, and classification records are recorded.China Red Cloth Embroidery factory

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